Alcohol Saturated Port Caps

  1. There appear to be several brands of port caps introduced to the market which contain alcohol saturated sponges. These caps are for PICC lines and dialysis ports. The Curos port protector is green. I saw an orange one with another manufacturer. I was wondering if anyone is taking any special precautions before diving patients with access ports. We're on alert at my facility to make sure these don't go in the chamber.
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  3. by   CaliBoy760
    Cover the port with cotton gauze and paper tape.
  4. by   iluvivt
    I cannot speak to working in your area but I can tell you about the alcohol impregnated cap/needleless connectors (NC) covers . Just take them OFF. A new one (s) can always be reapplied when the patient returns to their unit. I would not cover with alcohol soaked cotton balls b/c before the line is used again it will be scrubbed again prior to use. The NC will still be in place. The one we use is Curos (green). Many hospitals and providers are choosing to use these cap covers to keep the rate of central line related infections low but there is no current recommndation that this is the current standard. It is however the current standard to scrub the NC prior to use.
  5. by   NewRN2008
    Hello! We take ours off, the only places that we get them from as an issue (as of now anyhow) is our SICU & MICU. we done mess around, we have another type of cap we can use, why tempt fact right??

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