acetic acid anyone?

  1. Hello all. I have made NSS and Dakins for my patients in the past. And I was wondering if anyone has the "formula" for acetic acid for cleansing a wound - it was ordered for cleansing 3x/week before applying a wound VAC. I have heard varying opinions, and have my own, about acetic acid. But the doc was adamant. The only thing I found was 1 part white vinegar to 10-40 parts water...a little vague I think. So does anyone have the proper ratio for me? Thanks
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  3. by   morte
    order is incomplete, need strength of acetic me that would be straight vinegar...good luck
  4. by   annaedRN
    i know..surgeon was not in..and in the past he has just said whatever you think... the order was written for "diluted vinegar solution" i guess i'll keep trying to clarify with the doc. thanks
  5. by   lsyorke
    Acetic acid is available premade from the pharmacy. I would not be mixing my own. It's a .25% solution.

    While it's use is a bit controversial, we've had great results in wounds that are colonized with pseudomonas.

    Found it...made by Baxter
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  6. by   annaedRN
    I found it online - white vinegar and sterile water 10-40 parts water to 1 vinegar. The doc just said "whatever, just make it dilute" (ggrrrrr) so we did the 40:1 water to vinegar. Oh far it is the same...which to me is the normal VAC smell.

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