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Wound Care-how did you develop your skills?


Hello Fellow Ambulatory Care Nurses!

I am wondering how many of you are expected to care for chronic wound patients as part of your work and how you developed the skills to assess and manage these types of wounds? On the job training?


sallyrnrrt, ADN, RN

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DADS! department of aging and disability has some useful webinars, in LTC had a lot of practicle experience, and there was a wound care consultant.

Thanks for your response! I have found many nurses in the adult ambulatory care setting who were formerly in acute care, struggle with the assessment, documentation and best dressing type to recommend for the md to order. They were accustomed to following a plan as it was outlined by a wound care nurse in the hospital. I'll check out DADS!

Hi babaloo8! I am too am wondering how to get experience with wound care without having someone to shadow or work beside in a primary care clinic. Any resources that you have found to be helpful I would love to hear about. Thanks!

Hi! I too am wondering how to experience or find good learning material for wound care. I am a new grad in a primary care clinic and it has been expressed to me that wound care would be a good service to provide to our patients, but I have no one that I can shadow or work beside. Any resources you have found to be helpful I would love to hear about! Thanks! (P.S. Sorry if I posted twice!)


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I'm going to have my wound care certification next week under hospital setting idk what to expect though lol