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Would you delay applying?

If you were going to have to take 3 courses (English, Sociology, Humanities or Fine Arts) during the course of your program, would you delaying applying for the program if you had wait another year?

Basically the school I am applying to (the same as the one I'm doing pre-reqs) doesn't have entrance exams and they go off of points for courses completed, GPA for pre-reqs, and references the way I understand it. So I believe that have a good chance getting into the LVN program for next summer. The first year is LVN and then you can go onto the RN portion. I would have all of my pre-reqs and support course for the LVN portion and also have Micro for RN. I would be left with the above three course however. The English is a pre-req for RN, so I would have to take it during the LVN portion and the other two would just need to be completed sometime before the RN portion ends.

Would you delay applying for a year for this? Or would you go ahead and do it? If you would go ahead and do it, would you do Sociology and the Elective during LVN or RN? Obviously I would do 1 extra course for three of the five semesters, I just don't know how it's best to do. I'm also not sure if I should take them online while in NS or on campus. I am doing most of my pre-reqs online. I really don't want to wait an extra year. If I didn't get in for this year (I might be right on the line for points since I will be missing 10 if a 100 point scale because two of my co-reqs won't be done until after application), I would also take a computer class during the next year with the above classes in order to apply for another program I'm interested in and also this one again.

Thanks for the input.

Does your school accept CLEP for any of them? That would be my first choice... study however long it takes (nice to have two terms and the break between semesters) then take the test.

To answer your actual question, I'd wait but I'm stretching my prereqs out anyway for other reasons. In another life, I would in some circumstances and not in others. I know that doesn't help you much, but there are just too many variables to give a good answer. Some people do it. Some people can do it without much problem, some people can't for various reasons but it might be worth doing with a lot of sacrifice. Some wouldn't make it through if they tried it (again for various reasons).

At my school, I could get those done during the summer when they offer accelerated classes. Does yours offer that?

We do have summer classes. I took AP1 this summer. However, next summer is when our program starts and so I don't think I will do any extra classes then. The summer in between the LVN portion and the RN portion may be an option but I'll have to check because I cannot remember if that is the program or the other I am looking into where they start the RN portion halfway through summer.

Ok, so I did check into the RN schedule and it does start in summer two after the LVN portion ends. So I could see if the schedule permits for an online class for summer 1. They also indicate that Micro (which will already be done for me) and Sociology are to be done in Fall (second semester) if not done before. So I'm thinking I should be ok with one course if it works out that way. Also, the elective (humanities or fine arts) is shown as being done in the final semester (spring). I'm wondering when would be the best time to take them.


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