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Would this be considered job hopping?


Hi All,

I love this site because you guys offer so much hope and it's nice to be able to consult with fellow nurses who have probably been in my shoes. Long story short, I quit my first RN job after only a month because it is definitely true...NURSES EAT THEIR YOUNG (some nurses do). I quit while on orientation after constantly being humilitated by my preceptor and her "friends" for not knowing something even after I talked to DON and NM. Now my 2nd job makes my first job look like a piece of cake lol but even though I vowed to stick it out I just found out that I have some health issues going on and Im gonna have to quit work immediately until its resolved. The thing is I just got off orientation. I do however know that my job probably wont be held for me and I totally understand (I dont want to go back to that unit anyway lol). My question is..once my health issues are taken care of and Im ready to go back to work, would this be considered job hopping? I dont want to burn any bridges because although I dont wanna go back to THAT unit, I may possibly wanna work at that hospital again (possibly). Please no sarcasm or criticism, Im just a RN trying to find her path through all of these obstacles.


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Job hopping is in the eye of the beholder... it just depends on the person looking at your resume. Some may be immediately turned off by you having and then leaving two jobs in quick succession. Others may give you an opportunity to discuss it.

You'd be much better off to go out on medical leave than to simply quit.

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not much to be done about it ... if you need to take your leave for medical reasons then thats what you need to do. Gather your documents, doctors infos. Either way employers will still see that its a short time between jobs and lable you as a risky investment / job hopper. Anyways read up on your benefits and see if you qualify for medical leave, short term disability from social security, medicaid etc, food stamps whatever you need to survive. otherwise its just normal quit. Good luck

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Just do what you have to do and the rest will fall into place. Taking care of yourself is number one. There are always going to be Nursing Jobs out there no matter how you look at it. If they need you, they'll hire you.

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Two short-term jobs definitely qualifies as "job-hopping." You will be considered a "risky hire" when you try to find employment again. But I agree with the previous posters who say that it would look better to take the "medical leave" rather than just resign if possible so that your record reflects that you left because of a health problem and not because you are a quitter by nature. Talk with the people in Human Resources and find out what you have to do to leave on the best possible terms and and for your record to show that you are eligible for re-hire.

Then, when you are ready to come back to work ... reassure them that your health problems are completely resolved, you will have no restrictions or limitations on your employment, etc. That will give you the best chance of finding a hiring manager would be willing to take a chance on you.

It's going to look bad to some future employers. It depends on who is looking at your resume, though. If it's someone reasonable and you give reasonable and responsible explanations, which you have, then you will be okay.

I agree that you should have a talk with HR because nothing can look worse that being listed as "non-eligible for re-hire" and it looks like you may be able to prevent that, so it can't hurt to give them a call and explain what is going on.

Thank you all for your replies!! Ive talked to my manager and she knows my siutation..i just have to contact HR. I read several sites online that said it actually takes a few jobs before some new nurses find their "path". I just feel so stuck!! When my health issues resolve, I have no clue what a RN can do besides bedside hospital care. It seems like everyone says you have to have 2 or more years or hospital experience before you can do anything else. I ABSOLUTELY HATE HOSPITAL NURSING but I love interacting with patients and being able to actually help them!! I know I am ranting on but I had no idea nursing would be like this. When I do return to work, what are my options that I should consider before trying hospital again?? Thanks

How about the nursing home or SNF? You could try a doc's office but they usually staff Medical Assistants... You could look for a job in the clinics/urgent care facilities too. I know of a few people who went straight to working in the clinics as new grads. You never know what can happen so it's worth a try to apply!

Thanks TRR8021..I actually didnt think about the clinics/urgent care facilities. Thank you all for your replies. I am gonna concentrate on getting my health issues controlled first and then Im gonna try it again.