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Worried about my TEAS SCORE!

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Hi everyone!

For all the pre nursing students, could you please share your stories about getting into a nursing program and what you got on your TEAS. I'm stressing about my score and don't have time to re-take it before the deadline!

My school's requirements to be considered are a composite score of 60 or above on the TEAS, 2.5 GPA in sciences, and 2.0 cumulative GPA

My current sciences GPA is 3.8

Cumulative GPA is 3.18

TEAS score: 68 ( horrible)


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Yes MDC!

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Since this is the first time theyre using TEAS instead of HESI, the initial class scores might be lower and you never know you might get in. Youre applying for this august?


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Awesome. That would be really helpful

When I spoke with an advisor she emphasized that I have really strong science scores, and 150 people get in. She never advised me to take it again, but I'm still worried. 😬

And yes I'm applying for August.

I'm not familiar with MDC. First, I would suggest asking the program director or school counselor who the school determines who gets admission offers.

Unfortunately, every program is slightly different. In general, there are three approaches programs use. There is a holistic approach where the school looks at your grades, entrance exams, essays, or letters of recommendation. This is usually used more in graduate school programs such as direct entry MSN. Very few things are strictly enforced. They look at can you handle the rigors of the program. But more importantly, they're looking to see if you fit the candidate type they're seeking.

The next approach is more a "points" system. In this approach, you're assigned points for GPA(s), entrance exam scores, and whatever else they may use such as veteran status, health experience, school attended, home location or anything else. They offer top scorers admission, the next group waitlist. This is a very competitive route and can be difficult to get admission. The most competitive the school, the higher the minimum scores. In this situation, your TEAS could be an issue.

The last approach is more meeting the qualification. In this situation, they check to see if you have the minimum GPA(s), grades, general ED, or anything else they want to be completed. Once that is satisfied, the program will either add you to the waitlist, do a random lottery, or first-come-first-served. In this scenario, your TEAS score is not a hindrance.

My suggestion, see if you can apply to other programs. Research what they want. You may want to retake the TEAS or take the HESI depending on what the other schools will want. I realize you may not be able to move and the local programs may be limited in number.