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Worried about prospective employers looking at my medical record

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by Jibya Jibya (New Member) New Member Nurse

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Hey everyone!

I posted this to the HIPAA thread but I thought I might get some answers here too... So here it goes.

So I just moved and am trying to find a new doctor.  I have been very hesitant to see anyone yet because I'm paranoid about what's in my medical record maybe someday being seen by a prospective employer.  I know it's a HIPAA violation for prospective employers to look at that stuff but I was wondering if anyone knew of this every happening anyway.  Can administrative people get away with looking at anyone's medical record?  I obviously am clueless as to how HIPAA is policed.  Thanks everyone!

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VivaLasViejas has 20 years experience as a ASN, RN and works as a Retired/Disabled Nurse and Blogger.

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The only way your employer can find out what's in your medical record is if you provide a copy to them, which of course you're not going to do because it's none of their business. Sometimes you have to disclose your med list to Human Resources, which is a little stickier if you're on certain classes of drugs; however, they are not allowed to share that information with your supervisor(s). Just because you have a history of _____ doesn't mean you can't be a good and effective nurse; but do be aware that sharing your health status with your boss or co-workers is generally a bad idea. Don't do it if you can possibly avoid it.

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