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Worried I'm Not Cut Out for Nursing


I have always contemplated my career choices very seriously and have considered many paths including: social work, therapy, speech pathology, and occupational therapy. I considered these careers though they are so different because I have an undying passion and need to help others with any knowledge that I have and can convey as well as be an important figure in their success.

I had always gotten discouraged because of the science courses required because it is not my strongest area in school. This January I will be a sophomore in a four-year university and am contemplating majoring in nursing. My school has an extremely competitive BSN program and I have heard that sometimes students with 3.6 GPA's just aren't good enough to get into the program. I have read many things on this site, including lots of encouragement but also many realities of nursing that most dont want/care to hear. Despite all of the negative, I feel that this is an area I could truly be passionate about and succeed in. I have a few worries though- Do all nurses have such difficult schedules to raise a family (working 12 hour shifts)? Do many nurse practitioners work in doctors offices?

What advice would you have to students who are considering nursing that are afraid of accidentally hurting someone else?

I appreciate all responses!

Maybe you can do some work in a hospital or nurse setting that you are contemplating to get an idea if you like it.

Although I am not a Registered Nurse as of yet, I am a Senior nursing student graduating this May :). But, as far as worrying about hurting someone else don't let that be the reason you don't apply for nursing school. You'll be trained appropriately as well as trained even more during your orientation at the hospital. Not to say you'll be error free but just like any career your adequately trained. Every job has a risk of placing one at a disadvantage, for example accountant's filing tax errors, meteorologists inaccurate description of the weather, Hell mcdonald employee's handing out wrong orders. But each one is trained is my point, Just offering some encouraging words. It'll be fine.

Thank you both very much for the replies.. They are greatly appreciated and contain helpful advice. The more I hear, read, and think about nursing I get so giddy as naieve as that sounds! I am so excited when I think of being in a nursing program despite all the challenges and difficulties I will have getting there.. I am not going to give up!

It's great to hear nurses encouraging eachother in this community!

@yel550i, I wish you the best after graduating. I can tell you will be a great nurse! Good luck

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Even if you're not accepted into your university's RN program, there are other options for you to become an RN. You could look at community college programs as well. There are some Entry Level Master's programs. The point is, if you're dealt a setback, don't give up. Look where you've been, evaluate how you got there, learn from the past, and move on.

Thanks so much.. I really am going to give this all I've got and never give up, even if it means transferring to another nursing program. It wont be easy, but I'm going to work hard and not stop until I hold a nursing degree in hand :up:


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My first college I went to was a four year school with a BSN program. I had a different major but decided as a sophomore to switch to nursing. I couldn't get into any of the pre req science courses since they fill up so fast, so I switched to a community college. That was in 2011 and in spring 2013 I graduate with 2 associates degrees (psych and pre nursing). I am planning on starting at a BSN program in fall 2013. It seems like a long road but I have never looked back! You can do this. I didn't believe I could pass the science classes and wasted a year trying to look into another major. But here I am almost done. You won't regret sticking with nursing, I promise.

Your story sounds very similar to me.. especially with not believing I could pass the science courses and trying to find something else. I appreciate your response so much! Thanks for the encouragement, and I wish the best for you!