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Worried about getting into Nursing School!

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Hi! I currently am a student at a community college and have been taking pre-requisits for nursing school. I am hoping to transfer to VCU's school of nursing in the Fall, but I am concerned about my chances of admission. VCU is my number one choice of school and I see myself going there. I have retaken two classes (College Chemistry 2 & Pre-Calculus-receiving C's in both and retook and got A's), and it is my understanding that they calculate both the retake and the original grade into my gpa at VCU. With only the retake grades being calculated into my gpa, I would have a 3.6 but with all classes, including both the retake and original, I have a 3.3 gpa. I still have another semester with some pre-requisits to complete and plan to raise my gpa as high as possible. Additionally, I have extracurricular activities, clubs I am apart of, volunteer work, and experience shadowing health professionals. I have to take my SAT and get a certain score, so I am also hoping to do great on that.

Is there any suggestions on what more I can be doing to get accepted? I am eager to go to VCU's nursing school and would like to know if I have any chance of getting accepted, how they will calculate my gpa (will they take in account all my classes or just the pre-requisits)? I really want things to work out for me! I would really appreciate some advice or experience.



These are questions you need to ask the program you're interested in.

A 3.6 is a great GPA. A 3.3 is a decent GPA, but it may not be enough to get you into certain programs. I would check their catalog or meet with an advisor with your list of questions. What classes they use will be something you will have to read a catalog/meet with an advisor to find out.

Do great in your remaining classes, meet with an advisor or search the catalog, and hope for the best!

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It sounds like you are doing quite a bit and probably more than most. I did an ABSN and besides my grades the fact that I was a Veteran also helped. I got into my program with a 3.4 GPA on my first bachelors and 3.8 on pre reqs.

Thank you so much! I am really hoping for the best, that means a lot :)

@Bronze3 Wow thats awesome! I am pushing myself to raise my GPA. What nursing school do or did you attend? I am shooting to get my BSN. VCU has a very competitive program so I am doing all that I can for my application.

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Definitely apply to your dream school, but take it from someone who only applied to one school and got waitlisted and was in academic limbo for a year, apply to as many schools as you can. Even if you have great grades, score, experiences etc. you never know what the applicant pool will be like and subsequently, what your chances of getting in are. Seriously - apply to a few schools!

@queserasera thank you! I am planning on applying to a few more schools but really putting all my hope and energy into VCU. I should probably do a little more research on more schools in my state so I have a few top choices!