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Hello all, I am new to this site but I have a quick question. I am currently a sophomore in college and recently decided to try and pursue a career in nursing. I have taken numerous of classes (not necessarily nursing pre-reqs) since i was still unclear of what i was going to major in. I am currently taking a criminal justice course and will probably fail since i've been doing horrible in it. Now my question is: When applying to nursing school, do they at all pay attention to non-pre req courses since they may affect the overall GPA? I'm a little confused.


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I'm not sure for where you're at, but for the area that I'm in, your cumulative GPA of all college courses you've ever taken are factored into the application process. For the school I'm looking to go for, the application consideration is broken down like this:

TEAS Exam Scores - 59%

Math/Science GPA - 30%

Cumulative GPA - 10%

Supplemental Application - 1%

It wouldn't surprise me if, where you're at, they do something similar. I would go to the school's website or go out to them and ask about that.


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I would check with the nursing department because it really just varies by school. I've heard of schools that look at cumulative GPA, but my school, for example, only looks at your prereq GPA and your science GPA (Chem, Anatomy, Physio, and Micro). The only thing my university takes ALL courses into consideration for is for counting the number of Ws. That makes a bit more sense to me, seeing as a criminal justice course, or an art course, etc. isn't going to help them determine how good of a match you are for nursing school, but like I said there are schools out there that will still take those into consideration. I go to a CSU btw, and I believe (I could be wrong) they're all the same in that respect.


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If I were you I would withdrawal from the course if you can. Your GPA is very important for nursing school. Im not sure about your program but where I live they factor everything in. I understand where your coming from. I was a double major in Spanish and nursing and one class I got a C not to bad but not the best either. I was able to keep my other grades up so it really didn't affect it but if I was concerned about it I would have withdrawal because that can save your GPA. Just don't get in the habit of withdrawal. Just my opinion.


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I agree with previous posters. why continue a course you're not very sure of and not doing well in? your cumulative GPA might matter depending on the program if they take a good look at it. if this is your first w don't sweat it too much. Try to do well on your prereqs the first time around though.

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Yes, your cumulative GPA counts if you are looking at a 4 year college. Most CC will look at GPA but will normally go off a points system where it is not taken into consideration unless you are below the minimum. Talk to an advisor at your school and see what the requirements are for the nursing program.