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Hi I'm a New Grad RN from New Zealand and moved to Munich 7 months ago. I have recently just finished my B1 level of German language course and would like to know what I need to do in order to get... Read More

  1. by   rrobins
    I am curious about how a bachelors of nursing would translate in Germany. I know that each "state" or area of Germany regulates their nursing field requirements and that you need to submit the documents to the area you will be living in (how rigid they are in this, we spoke on the phone to one of the people who evaluate this and they were just adamant on the fact that you need to submit the documentation before they can tell you, they would not even speculate). The nursing association for Germany was very interested in me and stated that I would be more advanced that the typical nurse in Germany. I also understand that you need to have a B2 german language certificate. I spoke with a German education exchange and they were completely clueless about how my degree will translate to Germany. The helpful woman did mention that doctors who come to the states to do clinical are often required to take additional courses and that these doctors have the equivalent of a bachelors degree (which I found very hard to believe). The woman said it has to do with how many prerequisites we do in the US such as math, etc. Has anyone done this move and what was the result. We will be moving to Germany with me becoming a citizen. My husband is a German national. So much information, but none of it something I can actually make a plan on because I won't know til I am there and that is just plain scary. Any addtl information would be much appreciated.
  2. by   J.D.86
    Quote from silva
    Hi im a New Grad RN from New Zealand and moved to Munich 7 months ago. I have recently just finished my B1 level of German language corse and would like to know what I need to do in order to get back to nursing here in Germany. I have done 6 months of Acute Stroke & Medical after which i decided to join my Husband who works here.. any suggestions will be highly appreciated.. also a little insight to nursing here.
    How do you find the work in germany? What are your opinion?
  3. by   ggfroggy
    hi rrobins,
    I am in the same positions as you. I have a bachelor's of nursing also but from Canada and I was wondering how is your job search coming along? I live in Germany now and well, the whole job search is a bit confusing, writing a German resume and then not knowing exactly how nursing here is different than in Canada . I also read some threads on this topic and that if you're a nurse from US, Canada for eg. that it won't be so enjoyable here to work as a nurse. So, just a bit discouraged here.
  4. by   faithjoy
    Hi! I am a newly registered nurse (with a year experience) and had my bachelors degree in a university here, in the Philippines. I do not speak nor write in german yet I understand some words and terms for I have relatives who are german and are currently living in germany. I would like to study and at the same time work in germany as a nurse. I have few questions though, for nurses like me who have degrees and registered nurses in our country do we still need to repeat the course or we could directly enroll to the fachweiterbildung to have a specialty? how much could we spend and is it offered in nuremberg or schweinfurt? I hope you could help me, danke
  5. by   Lovely86
    Hi everybody! I am from Germany but moved to the US almost 6 years ago. When I still lived in Germany I was never interested in becoming a nurse. The reason for that is, that you really don't do the same as an American nurse. You pretty much do the same work as a CNA plus the work of a Nurse. I am not sure but the salary is also less than here in America. I have a German friend who is a German Nurse. I might be able to get a hold of her and ask her a few questions.
  6. by   zero.
    I too am interested in working as a nurse in Germany. But I may have a different case, since I've been working for 5 years now as a dialysis nurse in South America and the Caribbean. I am from the Philippines, and I got my BSc. in Nursing and my initial RN registration and renal nursing specialization in the Philippines.

    Is there any nephrology/dialysis nurse here who can share some details for work as a dialysis nurse in the German setting?
  7. by   SignePloug
    Hi nurses! I'm new to Allnurses but I googled and found your thread
    I'm moving to Germany in September I'm wondering if any of you had success getting a job there with your foreign registrations??
    And if so was it difficult and what is it like working in Germany?
  8. by   Nica-RN
    As a German Nurse, I can confirm. Still a confusing theme studying nursing in Germany or become a nurse there.
  9. by   Amaya727
    Hi! I am just reading this blog post. I was searching nursing in Germany and was directed to this blog. I know this is now 2 years later but I was wondering are you working as a nurse in Germany? I am planning on moving to Germany and was wondering what the process would be to work as a nurse there. I have a MSN in nursing. I am pretty sure they don't use nurse practitioners there but I would be happy to work as a RN. Do you have any advice for me or places for websites for me to look into for more information? I would really appreciate it! Thanks so much!
  10. by   Berliner_II
    Hi there Amaya! You are right: there is no such thing as Nurse Practioner here. In order to work as a nurse you will need to have your nurse qualification assessed against the German Diploma qualification by the local health authority (each federal state has its own). The document you're after is the "Urkunde". This is the equivalent to the otherwise widely known procedure of registration as a nurse and it entitles you to use for yourself the occupational term "Gesundheits- und Krankenpflegerin" which is issued to each newly qualified nurse by the authorities once training has been finalised. It is considered a lifelong permission to use the title "Nurse" and to practise as such. There are one off fees but no other annual fees of any sort that you may be used from the US or CAN.

    Good luck anayway!
  11. by   Jkperk204RN
    Hi, I am trying to get information on how I can become a RN in Germany. Do you have a number that I call?
  12. by   Berliner_II
    Hi there J perk or so! The following link gets you to the authority in Berlin. Address and numbers on your right side. You are applying to use the title:
    "Gesundheits- und Krankenpfleger/in"

    I think there is a test involved (like NCLX) and you will need to pass a German test as well. Started on that one? Good luck.
  13. by   megaly
    Just came across this thread! Did anyone get lucky with working as a nurse in Germany? Please could you share your experience? Thanks.