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  1. Hi everybody, nurses!
    I know this topic is current nowadays, but I'm from Spain, Catalonia, and all you know the situation that Europe is living, and there are contries in worst situation than others...
    Now I'm working as a nurse (I'm 22 years old-I was lucky I found job) but I'll end the contract this 28th of june, my job is in a Geriatric, Paliative and Psychiatric public hospital/centre.
    My boyfriend has the double nationality: German and Spanish and he has ended the Pshysic degree. We are sure that being Pshysic he will find something, also knowing the lenguage and having family, but what about me? I really want to leave Spain and discover a new country and have more opportunities.
    I been studying deutsch for an year, so I have B1, level i think it is... And also good English, this are all my tools to start a new life...

    So, nurses, what's your opinion? Should I go for luck to Germany? how is the nursing there? with lenguage and lots of energies is possible to find work?

    Thank you, very much!!
    I suppose, life is in that way... we need to take a chance!
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  3. by   Brian
    Welcome to! I moved your post to the international nursing forum for a more targeted audience. Good Luck with getting responses to your topic.
  4. by   Fiona59
    Do you want a future with your man? If you do, you will have to follow him to Germany.

    I've moved countries twice due to my husband's job. No idea of what the job market is like in Germany but from what some posters have said, you work hard.

    Good luck and let us know if you head North. Lower Saxony can be beautiful, not picture postcard like Bavaria, but still beautiful.
  5. by   albamegi
    thanks! Also I want a better future for me!
    But... I hope some nurses from Germany can explain me a little bit!! I hope! Thank you, very much! I'll say if Germany became my new life style! haha!