PhD at the University of South Africa

  1. Has anyone taken advantage of the research only doctoral program at the University of South Africa (UNISA)? When you review the information it appears that the school is old and well respected throughout the world. I would appreciate feedback, especially if you have studied at the school. Thank you.
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  3. by   uscstu4lfe
    out of the country programs are usually shady. they have very different standards, which often times fail to meet US requirements. you run the risk of not having a phd that is transferable to the US. REALLY research it before you make any type of commitment. on a side note, studying in south africa would be quite fun! Talk about a change of pace.
  4. by   darkbeauty
    It depends on your field of interest. UNISA is a very reputable and world recognised tertiary instituition. Problem with Americans is thinking that anything foreign is "not good enough" , while their very own colleges and higher learning instituition are full of foreign professors and teachers. So go ahead and do your PhD at a university of your choice. Exposure to different cultures and peoples is a learning asset on its own!

    Take it from a proud south african in the united states!
  5. by   Macrhys
    Thank you for your thoughts. I have done some homework and the school follows the same teaching style as the British system- which is a fantastic way to learn. I like the idea of doing strictly research in my area of interest as opposed to the extra courses required by the US schools. Also, it appears to be affordable and I get to go to graduation in Pretoria. If that isn't cool, I don't know what is.
  6. by   bookwormom
    Hi. I PM ed you, but found the thread here. Yes, I received a DLitt et Phil from UNISA in 2007. It was a wonderful experience. I had excellent advisors and was able to study and research the topic of my dreams. The degree has been accepted ok in the US, too. Some folks may have doubts about a non-american degree, but the idea of "dissertation -- only" impresses them, as it seems more challenging than coursework.
  7. by   Macrhys
    Wow, you are contacting me at such an opportune time. I have just started and as of this year all students must first complete a research course before they can start their actual topic.
    Perhaps you could contact me at my private email and we could talk? I am having a little bit of trouble following the actual system and perhaps you might provide me with some insight?
    Thank you for contacting me.