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Hi all, It is a great forum to share experience with others. The following example is a pre-set scenario: A patient is on NovoMix BD, before breakfast 08:00 and before dinner 17:00. At... Read More

  1. by   caliotter3
    Quote from elkpark
    He did that on another thread, too. Asked a question and then criticized the one poster who attempted to respond for not answering the way he wanted.
  2. by   John 2018
    Quote from caliotter3

    The BSL values were specifically preset in the question, according to the table at page 3/126, from the website:

    I posted the question here is to improve the public awareness of insulin administration safety, via sharing mutual experience.

    I don't need any answers.
  3. by   John 2018
    To caliotter3:

    After someone found out your mistake in your answers, could you please self-reflect why you made that mistake?
  4. by   SimpleClaudia
    @John 2018.
    Lets not upset each other here. If your aim is to help us become wiser, don't you think its best to share your own experience in how you deal with nursing issues confidently at work for others to have insights too?
    We share answers here in good faith and not to put anyone down.
    As a nurse, working within a multi-disciplinary team, when we make certain decision either "delay" or "withhold" a medication, this does not mean we don't involve others. A prudent nurse would ask/refer when in doubt what action to take.
    I hope you achieved your aim to improve the public awareness of insulin administration safely.
  5. by   John 2018
    Thanks to the great contribution from SimpleClaudia. Your experience is excellent.

    As the aim to improve the public awareness of insulin administration safety was already achieved, please delete the whole topic.