Obstetrics hours for Australian nurse moving to usa

  1. Hey, I'm looking to work as an RN in the US however I need to make up hours in obstetrics and deakin university no longer runs their course that has been previously suggested.
    I wanted to see how others managed to make up this requirement.

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  3. by   US RN in Oz
    What is required? Theory and/or clinical hours? Just hours, or the specific theory content covered as well?

    If I remember correctly, the actual clinical hours for obstetrics is not all that many to be a registered nurse in the US. I only remember working a few days in ob-gyn and L&D.
  4. by   Mark01501
    I need both the hours for prac and theory.. I'm more interesting in how I would acquire the theory hours.

  5. by   lionsimba
    hi did you already have your degree evaluated by the board? you have to apply first in California NCLEX RN so you will find out if you have to take additional courses or not
  6. by   lilstudentnurse19
    Hi! I'm looking to work in the US after also but sucks to hear that Deakin stopped their course... apparently there may be some make-up courses in the states that may allow you to catch up on study but not sure on the practical component.
  7. by   ChelseaE92
    Obstetric & Neonatal Nursing - Flinders University

    Has anyone used this from flinders uni? I dont know how you would get the practical hours! Why cant uni here just have a subject on this! Have you had any luck?