Nursing schools in Germany - page 3

Hi, I have a report to do for a nursing class, I am hoping someone could tell me what the nursing schools in germany are like. I can find plenty of web pages but I cant read english. What I would... Read More

  1. by   redina
    okkk thankey very much that was very clear ......the last question and i m done !
    is very wanted this job???? i mean is it difficult to find job there as nurse????
    do german people need nurses??????
    realllyyy thnxxx i promise now that i dont ask you anymore...thnx a lot!
  2. by   Mona77
    No, it is not difficult to find jobs, all of our new grads had jobs 3 to 4 months prior graduation!
    Job prospects are good, and will remain good in the future!
  3. by   StudyinginCT
    Hi Mona -

    I'm applying to the Civilian Medical Corps to work in the Army hospital in Landstuhl. In college, I spoke conversation German, spent a semester in Ulm. Now, my German is far too rusty to speak or write, but I imagine it will be like riding a bike should I get the job and have the opportunity to speak German again (though I imagine living on an Army base, it's difficult to speak anything other than English!).

    My goals are to get my son strong enough in German language skills that he can attend a regular German school and to polish my language skills enough so that I may be able to attend graduate school in Germany for anesthesia. My language skills are so awful that I am not able to figure out the key words to search for nursing schools in Germany. Specifically, I will be interested in Nurse Anesthesia training schools. Can you help me out a bit by giving me the key words so I can search properly on google? I can fumble my way through reading German to get the gist of things.