Nursing jobs in Spain or the UK

  1. I'm an RN with 12 years international community/public health experience in Latin America and Haiti, seven years experience in US-based hospital nursing, primarily med-surg. I have also done hospice nursing.

    I am currently seeking long- or short-term employment as a nurse in either Spain (first priority) or the UK (second priority). Any assistance you might give me would be greatly appreciated.


    - Douglas Clark, RN, MPH
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  3. by   J. Tigana
    I understand that Spain and indeed the Phillipines produce more nurses than they need. England (the NHS) has imported nurses from each. I think you might find it easier to find a job in England for this reason. There are threads available which will help you.
  4. by   Douglas Clark
    Thank you for your reply.

    As regards the UK, I've been in contact with nursefindersUK and another agency, the first of which said they would assist me by sending me the forms I need to fill out and submit in order to obtain a UK nursing license. Unfortunately, and despite follow-up e-mails, more than a month has gone by and still no application forms.

    Would you have any suggestion that might facilitate the process of obtaining a UK nursing license? I' m also interested in working in the Republic of Ireland.

  5. by   donmurray
    The registration/licensing body is at their response is a little less sluggish than it used to be.

    ps. Ireland is a separate country...don't know theirs.
  6. by   Douglas Clark
    Thank you, Don Murray. I'm in the process of applying to the UK (including Northern Ireland.

    Any information you might provide me on how I might obtain a job a nursing job in Spain would be greatly apprecaited as well.

    P.S. I realise the Republic of Ireland is an independent country! Erin go brah!


    - Douglas
  7. by   Geeg
    I also want to work in the UK. I contacted a company called continental travel nurse and the recruiter took my info and then info and a form to request the form was sent to me. Then I had to send the money with the request for the form, since you must have the form and all of the required documents filed within six months, or you must start the whole process, and fee, again.
  8. by   nursemicke
    Email Lin Patterson, she worked in Ireland.
    Did you read allnurses news about 2,000 nurses quit in N. Ireland? They need nurses.
  9. by   Douglas Clark
    Thanks for the information. I appreciate it. Would you have any information on how obtain a work permit and employment in Spain as a nurse?

  10. by   frannybee
    Try for agencies who can find you work once you get registered. As for the Spanish side, try
  11. by   Gnasher
    I know it is a few months ago, but did you have any luck with your enqueries about Spain. Iam a childrens cardiac nurse specialist and am hoping to move to Spain next year. Any info that you could share would be great.