Nursing in Germany - page 2

I ws just wanting to know if there were any nurses here form Germany. I am interested in everything about Germany. (even learning the language) Would love to find a pen pal Lisa... Read More

  1. by   pfleige
    Went to Germany as a turist, nice beer!
  2. by   jayna
    Next year holiday. Germany
  3. by   Lisa1970
    I would give anything to be able to travel to Germany to visit. You ar all very lucky to have haad the experience
  4. by   rcsc
    I would love to go to Germany! I was born there and have visited a couple of times. I speak the language as well as I do English. My kids ar grown and I hope to visit -- have lots of cousins there -- it is a dream -- but I to make it someday before I die.
  5. by   Lisa1970
    I am currently trying to teach myself the language. I have to say that it is not the easiest to learn. I am currently taking nursing classes, soI can't afford,nor have the time to take a class. Would lov to meet someone close by or who has netmeetng. Would be kinda fun to speak(or in my case, try not to slaughter) the language.

    :-) Lisa