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hey! good day everyone!:) i'm seeking a job in dubai, uae. i'm a fresh grad and a newly registered nurse in the philippines. can you help me find one? thank you and god bless!:)... Read More

  1. by   nursefor life
    Quote from glyza
    Thanks for the replies!!!

    Hmmm, I thinkI'm going to start as a "volunteer" here this January, so said by my cousin, who workd in the hospital I'm going to volunteer in..well, I hope this one works. and after, I think I'm really headed for dubai..hehehe..

    it sucks here because hospitals don't get to look on your credentials but your "power" or rather "backer". it's quite humiliating but, I graduated cum laude, but I'm stuck here with no job at all. pretty unfair but i guess that's how the world works.hehehe..
    hi me via pm
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  2. by   Hieb
    What type of test do we have to write?? is it hard?? is it like the NCLEX?? Do they fly you out to write it??

    How different is nursing in Dubai then say other countries? meaning when you say it's tough what do you mean??

    Thanks for your response!
  3. by   incubusaddict
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    hi me via pm
    hi.. could u please fill me in about any information on how to become a nurse in Dubai? it has become a big problem finding a job here in the Phil, and i've been waiting to get employed for over a year now. I'm getting ashamed of myself in front of my parents and family already.. and i have an uncle in Dubai who is willing to sponsor me for a tourist visa. my only experience is that i have worked as a trainee ( barely 2 months) at one of the govt hospitals here in manila.
  4. by   chengzz_1110
    I'm an international graduate and i would like to inquire regarding my future application for licensure as registered nurse in dubai. Do i need to have an employer to be able to take the DOH exam or i can just take it as an individual, because one of the requirements for licensure is to fill up the application form specifically the Health Professionals Licensure form by the facility, if ever i found an employer who will fill up this form? is it the facility or the person who is applying for the licensure? And one more question where and how can i get the recent good standing certificate from the medical council? please enlightened me. Thank you very much an i hope to hear from you soon.
  5. by   yelncruise
    as far as i know you can take the exam w/o the sponsor of any employer you will just pay a little bit expensive for that!regarding your next question try to call DHA ( DUBAI HEALTH AUTHORITY) for that one.
  6. by   marialourdes
    how can i get doh license for dubai?im from philippines