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    I am a German nurse.My family and I want to Canada to emigrate. There I would like to work and live gladly in the environment of Vancouver as a nurse. Seek a job thereby I with the work contract the continuous residence permit to request can. Can somebody gife me tipps?
    Nice to meet you all

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    I really know very little about this subject but this week I worked with a woman at my job (at a care home for seniors) who was a nurse in Germany, and who moved here with her husband a few years ago. She is currently working as a care aid, NOT a nurse although that was what she had thought she would be able to do. From what she told me, it's been very difficult for her. Her spoken english is pretty much perfect, but unfortunately her reading/writing is not quite as good, and the english tests you have to take are quite difficult. She has failed it twice and so has her friend, and has to do extra courses (

    I'm so sorry that I can't give you real, concrete advice here. Unfortunately, though, my coworker has been in Canada for several years and is still working as a care aid, making $17 an hour instead of doing what she is fully trained to do. I just wanted to pass on what she told me because apparently she came over having been told that it is very easy to obtain a nursing license in Canada straight away if you're a European nurse, and she's had nothing but trouble. Please, please research this extensively. This is a good forum to ask, and make sure you look into this for a long time and gather as much information as possible before you make the move- I'm sure there are easier ways to get your Canadian license, but it's not as easy as the government leads people to believe. Really know the steps and costs involved, and it's always a good idea to take more english lessons if you're not 100% fluent!!

    I hope someone on these boards can offer you more advice/experience, and I wish you all the best of luck! As long as you do the proper preparation and research before you leave Germany, things should hopefully be much easier for you...
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    This thread is being moved to the International Forum as it relates to immigration matters and not issues that affect working nurses in Canada. Most nurses working in Canada have no information whatsoever about this sort of thing.

    Having said that... First, be aware that there has been a lot of cutting back in the health care systems across Canada related to the worldwide economic downturn. Because health care in Canada is funded by the different levels of government and because budget cuts are usually the chosen method of dealing with financial difficulties, many nursing jobs are not being filled. Second, the process for becoming a nurse in Canada is long, involved, expensive and difficult. There are already several threads in this forum that describe the problems encountered by others. At the top right side of the home page there is a "search this section" area where you can put in "Canada" as your key word and there will be hundreds of posts found for you to read. Third, Vancouver is one of the MOST desired locations in the country for immigrants (after Toronto), nursing vacancies in Vancouver are not plentiful much of the time and the cost of living there is really high. If you were to be the sole breadwinner there is every possibility that you wouldn't make enough to pay your bills. Fourth, nurses in Canada MUST have very good English skills. The ability to communicate clearly and effectively, both verbally and in writing, is of utmost importance.
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    i am looking to correspond to a nurse overseas to discuss nursing issues over there. would you be able to help with that, you think?
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    Hello sanriobaby
    thanks for your answer.I hope to find here in this Forum many friends and anwers of my questions.
    And yes I will help you.Who I can help you?

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    Thank you for replying. Well, I am currently enrolled in a nursing graduate class that discusses global nursing issues. I basically want to know what the issues are in nursing in Germany (for example, too much stress/workload, no job openings). If you don't mind, it might be easier to just exchange e-mails. Click on the envelope icon below my name to send me an email.

    I hope to hear from you soon.
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    Hi sanriobaby

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    Hi sanriobaby

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