Guam nursing jobs.

  1. hi anyone who has an idea
    in Guam's nursing jobs? Thanks..
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  3. by   mao_zedong214
    hey marian! I think we're both in the same situation. Are you also an RN in Guam seeking employment?
  4. by   marian0910
    Hi mao, sorry for the late reply... I actually doesn't have license in guam but i can endorse it.. Im from the philippines and i've heard that guam regional hospital will be opening soon, did you try to submit your resume?
  5. by   marian0910
    Mao can you search dauntless she's from guam ang grmh hired her... Do search our conversation about jobs in guam..
  6. by   mao_zedong214
    Hey marian... I did apply at Guam Regional Medical City, but have not heard any news from them yet about any interviews. Thank you for the info, I'll try to get in touch with dauntless asap. Are you in the Philippines as of the moment?
  7. by   marian0910
    Hi! Yes im in the philippines...
  8. by   NursePao
    A local recruitment agency here me in the Philippines invited me twice for interview for Guam Regional Medical City. For some personal reasons i was not able to attend.
  9. by   marian0910
    When was this?
  10. by   NursePao
    Just last November and December. There's another interview for this month. are you a US citizen marian0910?
  11. by   NursePao
    Sent you private message.
  12. by   kzel
    I am also interested. What is the name of the agency?
  13. by   GodmademeRN
    how did you guys endorse your license yo guam? i need help about the requirements.. thank you si much!
  14. by   angelbabe54
    hello marian0910 I'm hoping youll able to read my message., may I ask how to endorse your license here in guam? I'm just new in the island and looking for jobs also related to our prof..same as you don't have guam license yet..thank you

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