Filipino nurse planning to study in australia

  1. Hi guys, I'm new here and I would like to get opinions from everyone before I pursue my plan to study and eventually work in Australia. I am a Registered nurse since 2008 in the Philippines with no experience. I already have an offer from Deakin University in Melbourne to take up 1 year nursing but after reading some blogs and negative feedbacks I am beginning to get worried that I won't be able to find a job after and return here in the Philippines unemployed again.

    Kind-hearted and knowledgeable nurses out there please enlighten me.. I am so desperate to start my career.
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  3. by   machaix
    Hi, why do you need to take the one year program? If you have experience, you can just take the bridging program instead. It will just take for about 10weeks in Deakin, and of course, that means it will incur less expenses.
  4. by   charm03
    hi! can anyone help me pls with UniSA.......pleeeaaseee
  5. by   RAML
    Hey thanks for the reply. I have heard about that bridging program that will only take roughly 3 months to finish. The problem as I have mentioned it before in my post, is that I do not have any working experience to be eligible for the BP. This leaves me no choice but to either take the 1 year course in Deakin or the 2 year course in UWS. I know its quite hard on the pocket that is why I'm seeking opinions before I push through with this plan.
  6. by   roxie_
    it is costly but with the 2yrs study in UWS, you'll be granted 2yrs post-study work rights, which means that you can stay in Australia after finishing your course, do full time work, and you don't have to rush in finding sponsor.