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Working at Women and Infants

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Hi everybody! i'm about to become a new grad from northeastern university, and i'm having an awful time finding a job. my boyfriend's mother is a NICU NP at women and infants and i finally applied there today - does anyone have any insight on how the new grad program works there, what the pay scale is like for new nurses, how long orientation is, etc? i have NICU experience and would love a position in the special care nursery, but even with my experience (and my chunky, co-op filled resume!) it seems nobody wants to hire new nurses! a lot of my friends are coming up against this problem, and it's stressful and scary!

does anyone in RI work on a floor that's looking for new grad nurses? i'd love to hear about more job opportunities, too. thanks so much guys - i know this post is just all over the place!!

- chelsea


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pay in RI is much lower than in MA. not sure exactly what you will start at bc there are a few diff unions in RI but it will be below $25/h. Also, they mandate you to stay past your shift if they are short, meaning if you work nights 7p-7a and they are short on days you will have to stay for 1st shift. The only hospital I have heard good things about in RI is Meriam. I graduated a few years ago from nursing school in mass and couldn't find a job. Myself along with others moved out of state. Its not you! Good luck

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I dont know if you want to travel out of state, but Backus Hosp. in Norwich, Ct seems to have a pretty sweet set up for graduate nurses there. I don't know about the pay, though. www.backushospital.org

Good luck!

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