working weekend option while going to nursing school?

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I'm an LPN currently working weekend option on nights, 7p-7a Saturday and Sunday. I am going back to school in January to get my RN and have been looking for a weekend option on days because working nights and school is not going to be compatible. I received an offer for weekend days at a very good facility, however, they want me to work 2 16's, and I am really hesitant about that and going to school. I would be hesitant to do it even if I'm not in school. I'm wondering if any of you can comment on how doable that would be and if any of you have done it. I work in LTC. Thanks,


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I worked two 16-hour weekend double shifts as an LVN/LPN at a nursing home every Saturday and Sunday while attending an RN associate degree completer program last year. It worked out well for me in several ways.

First of all, I didn't have to borrow money for living expenses like many other students do, because I was earning good income as an LVN/LPN. Secondly, I always had Monday through Friday off so that I could attend school and study. Third, I don't have any gaps in my employment history because I never stopped working. Lastly, I never felt financially stressed or at risk of dropping out due to monetary issues.

Go for it! The advantages of working 16-hour weekend double shifts outweigh the drawbacks. I feel tremendously blessed that my LVN license enabled me to earn $47,000 last year while pursuing an RN license.


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Any other comments from folks?

It all depends on your study habits and organizational skills. If you feel like you will need to focus more on school and you can financially do it without work I'd say just focus on school. I was working last semester while in the nursing program and it was really tough, I was working part-time, about 20 hours per week I was so stressed out all the time. This semester, I'm not working and I'm not as stressed out as last semester. Its doable to work and go to school, you just have to really be on top of everything. But in your case since your an LPN, thats also an advantage to you because you have the experience to rely on, and in my opinion it will help when you're studying because you're familiar with the prioritizing and planning on patient care, etc.

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I work wknd 12s 7a to 7p and get an additional 8 hrs pay plus shift differential. I make great money for the hours I work. All I do Sat and Sunday is work, eat and sleep. I concentrate on school Mon-Fri.

I can't see myself doing 16s, I'd be too exhausted and not get anything done Monday.

Lucky for me I have Mon and Fri off school this semester and my classes don't start until 1pm :)

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