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working three 12's

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Hello everyone. I am new at this but would like to ask a question. I have been offered a job as charge nurse on acute pediatric psychiatric unit working three 12's -7 pm to 7am. Can anybody out there give me a good idea of what to expect?

thanks Jacey:kiss

My first thought: Utter exhaustion.

Actually, 7p to 7a might not be so bad. You'll probably have the roughest part of the shift (evening and bedtime) over with early and nights usually aren't too bad. On our unit, most admits come in the afternoon and early evening with a few after dinner.

I work 3p-11p and when I get mandated over or volunteer to stay over 4 or 8 hours, it's really hard. The few times I've been asked to come in at 7p have been really kind of easy.

Do you have experience in acute peds psych?


In my experience with child and adolescent psych units (I worked one for about 6 years), 7pm to about 10pm will be very busy getting evening meds doled out and getting the kids settled down to sleep. After that it's extremely quiet, barring a few admissions here and there. Kids usually sleep at night. I didn't like 12 hour shifts as much as 8's because it seemed like the census turned over too quickly and I wouldn't know the children as well when I came back from my days off. Good luck and have fun. There is nothing more energizing (or heartbreaking) than working on a pediatric psych unit!

you can expect a lot of days off to work prn somewhere else...to me that's the only advantage of 12 hr shifts...do u work all three in row?

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