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Has anyone worked as a student nurse? Is the job role pretty much he same as a CNA/PCT or is there a nurse shadowing component to the role? Also, were you paid the same as a CNA/PCT?

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Most work as CNA/PCT. My former job offered a significant pay increase (around 14 bucks for a nurse "extern" whereas a CNA/PCT made between 11-13 dollars). Nurse externs were per diem though whereas the CNAs were not necessarily per diem.


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It depends on the program. Folks who did it through hospital generally tended to be more CNA/PCT, sometimes with shifts of RN shadowing or extra classes thrown in. The pay was better than I made as a PCT in a hospital.

My school offered a paid student nurse intern too at several hospitals - it was a short time paid summer gig but I basically had a preceptor and a patient load that gradually increased, I did everything an RN did except my preceptor did most of the talking to MDs and had to pull meds out of the pyxis for me. It pretty much paid minimum wage but was fantastic experience and they were good about keeping me to the same couple of preceptors who were all phenomenal.


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Hi, I've seen you write on many different posts. I plan on attending Keiser in Spring 2017. I wanted a little insight about the program. What is the teas requirement to get in?Are your instructors good/ helpful? Have you started any clinical rotations and which hospitals and or facilities are you going too.. Any info will be greatly appreciated


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Hi! I don't remember the exact requirement for the teas. It was definitely above 70%, but you can ask an admissions counselor for the exact score needed. To avoid getting sued or kicked out, I'll simply say I wouldn't recommend the Tampa campus. :)


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I had my interview today and why do you say that I would really like some insight into what I'm getting myself into. I recently went through hell and high water at LPN program and I'm not trying to repeat that experience thanks for the response.


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In many states if you are a nursing student the state board of nursing will tell you that you can be hired as a CNA or nurse tech but you cannot exceed the scope of practice of that position. That means you will be doing what the CNAs do (and getting paid as a CNA) and no more. You will not be shadowing RNs, although if you're smart you'll definitely be keeping your eyes and ears open and asking a lot of questions.