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I am a male college senior who has completed a series of pre-med courses and I have decided much to the chargin of some status oriented friends and relatives, I have decided that I would rather be an R.N. than MD for several reasons: Greater ability to work closely with patients, more hands on care opportunities, possible increased ease of switching specialties in case interests change, the possibility to be employed at a normal salary sooner, fear of debt, preference for the role of R.N to MD (some people just would prefer to be the number 2 on a team than number one), in some cases less responsibility, etc.

However, my long term girlfriend , who I met at some interesting seminars concerning some medical ethics issues , related to some situations involving family members that we both based, is currently a second year medical student. She has the exact big picture orientation, strength, intellectual ability, and drive to be a great physician.

Since my current school does not offer any nursing program, I will be applying to some "second degree nursing pathway program" at some nearby universities. Some of these programs have excellent linkages to specialty nursing masters programs.

My girlfriend and I have sometimes spoken about one day in life working together. Not sure if such a thing could happen, since there are issues of multiyear timing and we are not sure if such a thing could happen. We are still both undecided on specialties.

My questions are the following:

1. Have any of you known of any Female MD/ Male RN romantic relationships? What were the dynamics like and how did the relationship work out?

2. If we do ever work together in our professional lives, what are the dynamics of a Female MD/ Male RN working relationship like?

3. Am I selling myself short, if I decide that I prefer the role of R.N to M.D and would rather be an R.N than MD. Many people who know of some academic success I had in college (winning some school wide awards) tell me that I am wasting my intellect. It seems that being a MD is viewed as the pinnacle of ambition and nobility both within health care and throughout society at large.

Any opinions would be tremendously appreciated.

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Life is about what is good for you and your personal well being. Do what will make you happiest. I would not want the typical MD life. I am friends with an work closely with plenty of surgeons, anesthesiologist and internists to know that 75% of them are generally miserable in their personal lives. My uncle was a paramedic and my aunt a MD mostly doing research though. They have been married for 30 years now. Still doing OK.

I was in a program years ago where the clinic that the nursing students used had a doctor who used to get involved with nursing students. He was involved with at least three that I had heard about, marrying and divorcing two of them. I don't know what the dynamics were, one can only guess.

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