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I am currently working on my ADN in nursing. I currently dont work in any form or fashion in a hospital.

Does this look bad when I graduate? Will working at a hospital look better for instance as experience?

Or should I get a job there during my last semester.

any advice is appreciated.


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If you can get a job there your last semester, by all means it's in your best interest. Its like a guarenteed nursing job when you graduate. But if you can't swing it, it's not the end of the world.


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I started working in a hospital between first & second semester of my program and it has really helped me in clinicals. Also, because I work at the hospital I get first shot at positions as opposed to someone from the outside. If you can work part time or per diem, I find it is well worth it.

if you can afford it, then working in a hospital while attending school has many benefits. But the most important thing now is to pass school, so don't stress out over other stuff. Many nurses, myself included, never worked a day in a hospital until AFTER graduation.

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