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working while at NYU for ABSN?

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For anyone who has attended NYU for an ABSN-is it possible to work part time (20 hours a week) while in the program? Or is it an all consuming courseload. Thank you!!

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I went to NYU for a semester for my ABSN before dropping out and transferring to a state school. I think 20 hours a week would be too much on top of classes. Courses are scheduled at random times 5 days/week with no flexibility. Not to mention they tell you not to work. 

I think a bigger thing to consider is if you are in a financial situation where you have to work during school (i.e. if you are not rich), NYU is not right for you. It is SO expensive, and what you get for your money is not any more special than what I got at a state school finishing my degree. Unless you have a tuition scholarship then don't waste your time and money. I paid ~$35,000 for one semester at NYU, and then paid $18k for my entire ABSN program at a SUNY school. I wish I had never wasted my time at NYU. 

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