Working while in nursing school



I will be starting nursing school in August at GMU, and wanted to reach out to any current/previous nursing students on what they did as far as balancing work and nursing school. I do not live with my parents, have bills, and need health insurance so I have to work. My job is letting me work every weekend, with a few hours on the day I don't have class, but people tell me that might be too much. Does anyone have any advice or could share what they did??

Thank you!

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I'm working full time while attending my BSN program and juggling a wife and kids. It kind of sucks, but it's doable as long as you forgo basic physiological needs like food, sleep and hygiene.


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I constantly had to work in order to keep myself busy and have a full schedule, as that is what I like. I consider myself a good student in the sense that I get good grades, but I never studied a whole ton. I guess because of that, I had the time to work. I worked all 4 years while completing my BSN, usually 1-2 jobs at a time. It's certainly not impossible! As long as you commit yourself to a schedule you create and make sure you stick with it and take lots of breaks, you can do it!

I think you will be fine! I'm in one of the top nursing schools in the country, and during the first 2 quarters I only worked once a week. After that I was able to pick up 2-3 days a week! There are a lot of students in my class who worked a lot as well! If you have great time management and don't waste any time, you will be fine!