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Hello all!

I just joined the board, but I've been reading posts for a little while now.

I am a 30 year old pre-nursing student. I currently work in the corporate world and am attempting to make my exit.

I have 3 prerequisites to finish before I can apply to the nursing program at Waubonsee Community College. I am planning to take those classes Spring 10, Summer 10 and Fall 10. I have to have some type of job while I'm in nursing school since we have a mortgage to pay for. My inital thought was to take the Phlebotomy class now then when I finally get accepted to the nursing program I can do that part-time.

I'm taking the prerequisite this summer and the Phlebotomy class in the fall.

I contemplated taking the CNA class so I can be a PCT, but saw that Phlebs make a little more money. Plus I liked drawing dogs blood when I worked at an animal hospital.

I seem to be running into a possible roadblock with the Phlebotomy externship. I was told by the dean's secretary that the externship sites like you to be avaliable during the daytime so you can get more draws in. (we need a total of 100) I'm waiting for the instructor to call me back to find out if it is possible to do the externship some evenings and weekend days. I can't see this being a huge issue since the classroom portion of the class is evenings and Saturday mornings.

My question is does anyone else work while they're in nursing school? What kind of jobs do you do? I want to have another option in case I can't do the externship.


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I'll be entering my 4th semester of the College of Lake County (CLC) nursing program this fall. Prior to entering the nursing program I went through their phlebotomy certification program (12 weeks). For the clinical portion, at least the hospitals CLC used, they were NOT very flexible with hours. You were expected to work daytime hours for the 3 weeks of clinical.

I have worked part-time all through nursing school. It's not easy, but it can be done. It really depends on how much support you have at home, what the kid situation is, etc. I have one daughter who is away at college, so my situation might be easier than yours. I do have a good friend who works full-time in an office, has a 3.5 year old daughter, and still somehow goes to nursing school at night. I am convinced she is Superwoman in disguise! But it CAN be done!!!

Good luck!

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It might be better to re-ask your question in the Nursing Student forum.


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I just graduated from nursing school in Pittsburgh. it was a two year program and i took a year to do my pre-reqs. i came out with an associates degree. anyway i worked as a PCT full time through out the whole 3 years it took me to get my degree. the hospital was not a small community hospital either we are a trauma 1 hospital so we were always busy. my manager was very flexible with my schedule and understood that i was in school and that was my main priority. i know in PA if you are a nursing student most hospitals will let you work as a PCT without taking CNA classes. i dont know what it is like in other states. my suggestion would be find a job that is close to nursing and that you can pay your bills with. one of the first questions i would ask the manager during an interview is are you willing to be flexible with my school schedule. but like i said i would 40-44 hrs a week for the whole 3 yrs its tough, but you do what you have to do, bills need to be paid.


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drawingarak- I was thinking about working as a CNA/PCT while I'm in nursing school. Im taking my pre-reqs now. Anyway my question to you is how did you go about getting the job at a larger hospital. I see a lot of CNA/PCT programs are with Nursing Homes. I would really like to get a job as a CNA/PCT in a larger hospital for the experience. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks :D

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