Working during NP school?

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Working during NP school?

I would love to hear from nurses who continued to work while taking their masters. Is it possible? I've applied for a couple of NP programs, but my preferred program only offers full-time studies (45 credits over 2 years, 2-3 courses per semester). It's primarily virtual with some in-person condensed labs. A different university offers part-time virtual (45 credits over 3 years), but the in-person labs and practicums would require me to travel a lot further from my home. I have a toddler and a mortgage so finances are a concern, hence wanting to continue to work throughout school if possible. 

I'm in Canada, in case it makes a difference. 

Would love to hear opinions on whether this is possible!

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My program here was also the standard, 2 year dealio and working seemed very doable. I was lucky to be part time which made it managing everything easier and my program was online/remote. I worked 2 nights a week and did clinical 3 days a week. I did have to extend an extra 2 semesters (half a year) due to being short on clinical hours but it wasn't a big deal for me. I'd say a good portion of my class still worked. Those that were in the 1-year, post masters FNP, could not work because you had to meet the clinical hours/patient numbers in 1 year. There was no way to do that in 1 year except by going to clinical at least 4 days week, but I think most were doing 5.

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Thanks @barcode120x, that's very encouraging! I currently work 4 days/week so hopefully I can continue that, or even drop down to 2-3 days if needed. Thanks for sharing your experience. 

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How much you can work during your NP studies is an individual matter, and also depends on how your program is structured.

At my school, a lot of people worked during the 1st semester, as it was almost exclusivelu didactic, with very little clinical time.  However, starting the 2nd semester, the clinical hours increased to 16-24 hours per week.  That made working full-time very difficult for most people.  At that point, most students either stopped working or only worked part time.  Didactic work continued, and it was still a considerable amount.

I have known NP students that continued working FT as RNs throughout their NP Program.  It wasn't easy for most of them.  For RNs that can work 3 twelve-hour days, it might be easier, but between didactic coursework, clinicals, and then working, one basically has no life for well over 1 year.  I would not consider this advisable if one also has family responsibilities.

What kind of projects, assignments, exams....does the clinicals entail? please do share....

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FullGlass said:

How much you can work during your NP studies is an individual matter, and also depends on how your program is structured.

Thanks for your feedback! Similar to what you wrote, I've heard from other NPs that the first year can be doable but the second year requires full commitment to clinicals. 

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Hi, I have recently graduated from my AGACNP program at UTA last month. I worked throughout my entire program, although I was primarily part-time benefitted (I worked 3 8-hour shifts/ week) and had to be strategic about saving up and using my PTO for clinical. It took me a little over 2.5 years to complete my program, as I transferred schools in between and also had to sit out a semester as my first preceptor fell through. With all that said, I think it is absolutely doable to work during the NP Program (with some sacrifices along the way, of course). Perhaps I should add that I have no children and no other major responsibilities aside from our two dogs and my fiance LOL. I understand everyone's circumstances are different and not everyone may have the option to work less or not work at all.

Best of luck to you!

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