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Hello to everyone! I am an RN with around 13+ years in nursing and was wondering about moving to and working somewhere in Ontario. I am more inclined to enjoy living and working in a smaller to mid sized town versus a larger city.

Most of my career has been devoted to working in long term care with either Rehab patients or Senior citizens. Rehab patients mostly consisted of people in their 50s, 60s, for hip replacements, knee replacements and such. Lots of Physical Therapy.

Can any Canadian nurses help out with some advice and/or information?



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Where are you living now?


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Hi Lori,

I currently work as an ADON in Florida in the USA. My son wants to move to Canada to finish his education and also live there and I wouldn't mind lining somewhere in Ontario myself. I've been to Toronto but it's been years. I like the city a lot (the 1970s).

I worked in nursing in Maine for about a year and visited Canada several times and liked it a lot.

Where are you from if you don't mind me asking?

Thanks if you have time to reply.

Regards, Gary

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I live about 2 hours north of Toronto.

You will need to look at getting a license and a visa. Nurses are not on the list for FSW visas so your choices will be limited. You can apply for a TN visa but that is not an immigrant visa and I think you may need an employer for that one.


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Do you have a degree? The provincial college would have to evaluate you and decide what courses you would require upgrading in.

Just remember the '70s were a long time ago and Toronto has changed a lot.

hi im an RN working in Belleville,ont. our workload for a busy telemetry floor is 4-5 on days and 7-8 on nights. we do total patient care as well, there are 2 psw's until 1500 and sometimes they may have a couple of ur pt's assigned to them. the corp. is opening 8 more OR's in Belleville as they are closing all the OR's in Trenton. we have a slow stream rehab, rehab and an alc unit in the corp. ALC is alternative level of care and usually this means they are waiting for nursing home. the general population of our patients age is usually 70-90 years of age. 50-60's we see 25% of the time. there is a surgical floor, as well. it sounds to me that u would like to work on the rehab floor, which we consider to be heaven. this would be a unit called sills 3 and there is not staff movement on this floor. sills 4 would be another alt. there is a little more movement, but not much. mostly we need rn's on medicine, surgery and the OR's

hope this helps