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Hey fellow Nurse's :) I've been looking into Indian Health Service, and have even been contacted about a job. I've heard from all the threads I've read that all the nurses love it. I am a little worried about getting used to being in such a remote location, as well as how receptive the Native Americans will be to white non-natives. I am looking into the four corners location in Teec Nos Pos. Most of the posts I've read were in other locations. I would like to know if there's anyone that worked in Teec Nos Pos? Does anyone have some useful information on that area and the local natives? Am I looking at driving a half hour away to get groceries? Is there an opportunity to learn some Navajo culture? (aside from just the hospital). This is a very exciting opportunity for me, especially since I am a graduate RN and can't find any work in NY :unsure: I just want to have some idea so I don't go in blindly!! Thank you guys for any info!


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I do not have any experience in those areas yet... however, I have a friend who lives on the res and they are always saying that they need nurses up there and have asked if I am coming to work up there soon, being white, I assumed they didn't care.

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I have experience as a teacher, not a nurse, in Northern Arizona on the reservation. I can tell you that it is very remote, you will have to drive 40-50 miles to go to get groceries, and things like that. Some companies do not deliver to P.O. boxes. I did rely on a lot, but the mail and delivery took longer than usual as well. Many of the places will not deliver to employee housing, so you have to get a P.O. box to get the packages and things like that delivered. There were no banks, restaurants, or stores for 50 miles. There was a small gas station that sold a few supplies, and that was about it.

I found it frustrating living in such a remote area, and often was bored. I found that some of the Native people were thankful for us, while others still despised the white people. Also, the medical care in our situation was very primitive and limited. It will be a cultural shock for sure if you come from a big city like I did before I moved to Arizona.

Culture wise they do have festivals and things like that, and sometimes they will invite you to their tribal activities. There was a clear divide between the white staff members and the natives who seemed to despise us. This was just my experience, so take it with a grain of salt. With that being said, I don't think I would do it again. The schools were very poor so if you have children, I would not recommend living there. I also felt unsafe at times, and would not go places alone.


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Did you end up taking the job with them? I'm interviewing with IHS in Tuba City in a few days. I'd love to hear from someone else that's currently working with IHS on the Navajo reservation. It's the ONLY interview I've gotten after 4 months of applying so I feel like I should take the position if offered. Best of luck to you!


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hey how did ur interview at tuba city go? I applied just waiting on response, pls share any info you might have, tks

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Please search my posts for input about IHS & Native people. I am Native, worked for IHS for 4 years. I don't recommend it. For a million reasons. Search my posts for why.