Working at home or in office in Home Health?


Just curious about how may of you work out of your homes as opposed to in an office in between seeing patients. I work from home and by a laptop when I'm in the field. there are some nurses at my job who feel that everyone should work in the office, but I think that one of the perks of home health is working from home and having that flexibility. Definitely one of the appeals.

Want to hear about what other home health nurses do!?


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Some people do a lot of charting and phone follow up while sitting in their car, if they have a good amount of time before the next appointment. Seems to make sense rather than waste precious time. Then there is that much less to do at home or at the office.


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With a toddler, a teenager, and a high-maintenance husband at home, I always found it much easier to do case management stuff at the office. Others do not have those issues and may find it more comfortable to do at home.


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I step into the office as infrequently as possible. I work from my car or from home when not seeing patients. I am able to complete many case management tasks (phone calls) while driving between visits.