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Hi All,

I have been "tentatively" accepted to Nassau Community College's evening program (pending an interview). I was wondering if anyone can share their thoughts on working (FT) while doing this program...? Is it doable or really spreading yourself thin...?

Thanks for any response!


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I think it all depends on the person. I worked FT in undergrad it was difficult but i got thru now five years later i regret it I could have done so much better. Today i work 2 jobs to save extraand have reduced my lifestyle so i when i start school i can work part time.


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Your pretty much accepted. Don't worry about the interview process. I know some people who work and go to school but it's hard, especially on clinical days. I just got accepted too, my interview is on 5/20 @ 9am.


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Very few people work full time in my program - actually, now that I think about it, the one person go was working full time failed out of the program. Most everyone who works, works part-time or PRN, just due to the need for flexibility and STUDY TIME!

But people have done it and succeeded. I'm going into my 3rd semester and just landed a full time job at a hospital. We'll see how that plays out lol.


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You said a part time program right? So it may be doable :) Just make sure you have study time, that is crucial. Really there is no straight answer. Some can do it while others can't (work during nursing school), only you will know as you test it out.

Is the nursing program full-time or part-time? What will your class and clinical schedule be like? Also depends on the full-time job. Some jobs are much more physically and mentally demanding than others. I am in a full-time BSN program. I don't, but working full-time can be done. Although in my experience, most who work full-time have had a hard time passing classes or had a hard time making their schedules with lectures, clinicals, and work all fit together. Working full-time while in nursing school will require very careful planning. You will literally need to mark off blocks of time in your planner to study and treat those times like a job that can't be missed. The people who I know who were successful in nursing school while working full-time were adamant planners who always stuck to their planned study times.


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It sucks when you NEED to work to support yourself financially...while also pursuing nursing. Even in prereqs, my ex lab partner for microbiology was working 40+ hours a week in a nursing home, and she was always late to class, didn't turn in assignments on time & barely studied for exams yet she's doing nursing as well. I'm not saying you will be like this, but if u have a family on top of it, it'll be hard! Sometimes u have to do what u gotta do. Good luck!