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Working full time


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Hi, I am an RN to BSN student at Aspen university. I just accepted a position as a telephone triage nurse which I'm really excited about! However this is a 40 hour/week position and I have been working part time up until now. Does anyone else work full time and do an online program?


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I am working fulltime and doing a self-paced program. So far, I’m almost done with my fourth course since July. 

Individual circumstances, motivation, and program requirements/deadlines will guide your progression, I think. My job is more mentally draining now; I do very little hands-on nursing, which I never thought I’d miss, but I do. It is so much easier to do the tasks of acute care nursing than to deal with the most ridiculous requests I’ve ever heard every single day. But I digress😳.

There’s no one to come home to (I’ll hopefully change that when I’m done😁), so that makes it so much easier to progress through my program. 


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I'm curious about this also. I currently work full- time,3-4 days a week,but am interviewing for a Mon-Fri 9-5 office job.  Right now I use my days off for school work.  But if I get the new job that will change.  I could potentially do school work before work in the mornings and some evenings, and over the weekend, but I also have 4 teens at home and evenings and weekends are generally full.   Not sure if I can swing it.


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Writing papers come easy for me. So 2-3  days a week after work, I gather my research.  Saturday, I put it all together, create the paper and submit it. Sunday is spent praying it was good enough. Then on Monday, I repeat the cycle.

If you have nursing experience and your employer is big on evidenced-based practice, the research should be a piece-o-cake. We know what we do as nurses; we know what we want to say in certain situations. All that’s left is locating the evidence that supports or disproves our positions.

The challenge is stretching a one-paragraph yes or no answer out into 4-10 pages.😂