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Working FT whilte retaking NCLEX-2nd time


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Hello Allnurses friends,

I am very torned and undecided about where to go from here. Hear me out for a sec

I just took the NCLEX yesterday. Grad on June 20th 2014 - went to Mexico and came back July 1st- Started studying the week of July 08th. NCLEX Exam was July 31st so i had 3 weeks to get ready.

I used Kaplan and i had done the review course before I graduated. I was in between 50-60s all on Qbanks and question trainers, never anything above 63% though.

I knew Physiological Adaptation was my biggest weakness, but i had already ran out of questions on Kaplan so did not practice anymore.

Anyway, I did the PVT trick and it did not work for me, it took me to the cc page, thats why i am already calling it and coming to terms that I did not pass, on top of the fact that i got around 115 questions.

So my question is the following: - I got hired as a Clinical Research Nurse and I will be staring soon, they already know that there is a chance that i did not pass,and the doctor said that i would still be welcome -

So i am confused, I dont know whether i shoulf work and study for the retake or NOT work and study for the retake -

Please help, has someone being in my shoe, and if you have, what have you done?

thank you thank you !!

If it were me, I would take the job if they are still extending the offer and continue to study for the exam. I worked full-time throughout nursing school and when studying for the nclex. You just have to plan your time.


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Did you find it difficult to study and find time?

I have 2 kids, and this wouls be a Fulll time position M-F 8-5.

I have a 4 year old, work M-F 8-5, and I'm halfway through a twin pregnancy. My child likes to watch a movie prior to going to bed so I would turn on a movie and use that time to go through study material (Kaplan and Saunders books mostly). I got in about 1-1.5 hours a night on weekdays and probably the same, maybe more on weekends. There are plenty of other things that I wanted to be doing but I had set goals of getting through the books based on my test day (yesterday). I didn't get through the entire Saunders book. Working full-time and going to school on nights and weekends was definitely harder on me but it was the only way we could financially afford it.

I don't know what the job market is like where you live but I don't know anyone from my class that is turning away offers. I believe only 4 have secured positions and the rest are still looking.


Specializes in BLS, ACLS,PALS. Has 3 years experience.

Thank you so much. I actually ended up taking the job. They will still pay me as a nurse and are willing to be flexible until I get my license which I am very appreciative for. I will just have to buckle up with time and make it

Thank you for your honest response.