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Working while in FNP school, not sure what to do?

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Hi guys,

I'm currently doing a part time online FNP program. I'm in my second semester and I start clinicals next Spring.

I recently got offered a PRN position at a hospital in the town my boyfriend and I are wanting to move to in the future.

The thing is I was hoping to have a job with benefits but it won't be benefit eligible. I actually applied for their part time position, but they said they already filled it :/ I was thinking of asking my current job to cut down to part-time there while I work PRN at the new job.

The only thing is I'm afraid it might be too much having to coordinate schedules with both jobs plus school. I'm not sure what your guys' thoughts are on this? Should I cut down to PT on my current job and work PRN the other job to keep my benefits? Or should I just cut down to PRN for both jobs?

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Part time online meaning your program is about 3 years long? I'd you'd be fine with your current schedule. I'm in an online 2 year program and working full (3 nights a week) time with 1 clinical a week was manageable for me. Though I don't have kids, I'm still a youngin. Many of my classmates that have families are still able to work full time, some are part time. I would imagine a 3-year program or a "part time" program would be completely doable working full time.

In the end, it comes down to your savings and if you need a job to self sustain while in school.