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Working in a doctor's office: does it provide valuable skills?


Hi all!

I am a new-ish nurse, have been an RN for almost a year now. I have been working in a doctor's office since I graduated. It is a pediatric office. There are a couple MA's but the RNs do phone triage, catheters, handle all of the labs, give injections/medications, treatments, assist with casts/circumcisions/stitches, not to mention we deal with sometimes very anxious parents/children. I am not particularly sure I ever want to work acute care, I think my heart is more community/public health nursing.

My question is, is this good experience, or am I "losing my skills"? Is there a bright future for community/public health/outpatient settings for nurses? If I ever wanted to work in a hospital prn, would that be a possibility? Thanks!


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Maybe try to get into the hospital PRN now? I am in a similar position as you. Worked on an ortho floor for 6 months before deciding it wasn't for me but I think it was the ortho part that did me in. I always loved OB and Peds (I worked as a Peds MA while in school) so I'd like to return to the bedside in those areas. However, I work Urgent Care now and I love it. However, I wouldn't mind a PRN job on the floor if it were feasible.

I'm sure it just depends on where you live. I live in America's graveyard so there are a variety of Nursing Jobs here.