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Working as a casual RN in different healthcare authorities?

poopyhair poopyhair (New) New

Hi there,

I am a casual RN who just graduated in December 2013.

I started working at a hospital within "health authority A" since January 2014, but since I am not getting enough shifts and I live in "health authority B" area, I am planning to apply for another casual job in "health authority B" hospital.

I have a few questions regarding above:

1) Casual RNs are allowed to work in different health authorities.... is this correct? This is more of a dumb question, but I wanted to make sure since some people have told me this is "not recommended."

2) Am I still considered as "new grad nurse"? (I have been working for about 6 months)... If so, do I have to go through new grad program if I get hired at "health authority B"? - then would this make it difficult for me to work at 2 different health-authorized hospitals, as most new grad programs require about 3-month period of commitment (for orientations and training purposes)? If so, would it be not a smart idea to apply for another casual spot in a different health authority for now? (Should I wait until I am not considered as "new grad nurse"?

3) If I start working as a casual RN in two different health authorities, would I be able to carry over my seniority to one health authority later? (or combine seniority together)?

Thank you!!!!!


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You can work for as many different employers as you want.

It depends on your union contract what the seniority coverage is. I know the total number of hours worked usually port together for step increases.

New grad stuff you'd have to check out with the employer.

There is an old thread on this somewhere, because I remember it was discussed for a while. It seems that different provinces are different.

Alberta has only one health authority, and frankly AHS doesn't care where you pick up shifts as long as you don't incur OT.

joanna73, BSN, RN

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Usually those new grad programs are only valid from 0-6 months, but it depends on the Province.

NotReady4PrimeTime, RN

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The thing about seniority is that you generally only port it insofar as it applies to the step on the pay scale. (Alberta being the exception since we're all one big happy family... :roflmao: ) As far as vacations, line selection, competition for new positions or any other situation where seniority comes into play, only the hours with each Health Authority would count in that Health Authority.