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I'm a relatively new grad, have been working as an RN for almost a year, and would like to work abroad for a couple of years. Where are the best nursing opportunities currently? Thanx for any feedback,


That depends on what you want. Do you want good pay and high tech hospitals? Go to the Middle East. If you want an adventure in a rural hospital out in the boonies with no financial compensation try hooking up with VSO (They always have ads in the RNABC magazine smile.gif! How could you have missed it?). If you want to move around a lot try travel nursing in the US. The possibilities are ENDLESS! You can go to almost any english speaking country and get a job. Go on the internet and look for any countries board of nursing to find out what you have to do and good luck!

Don't come to the middle east! I have yet to see a high tech hospital or a good salary.

Well Matt,

Given that nursing shortages are so acute in every area in almost every English speaking country, you can go work anywhere. I'm from Australia and I spent a yaer working in the US (Hi to all the Grady ER nurses if any of you are still there!). It was great to get another perspective of nursing culture since it is very easy to become parochial about 'how we do things here' and being in a situation here things are done diffrently can be a real learning experience. Good luck....Australia is a great ploace to work but is still understaffed and over patiented!

Hee hee.. well the one in Saudi Arabia sure was. I think that country could but more medical equipment in a day than Canada will in the next five years!!

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