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I have a job interview tomorrow for a case management position dealing with workers comp. Can someone give me some insight on this? I was told that I will go to dr appointments with people and act as a liason between insurance company and attorney, and will coordinate medical care due to injury. The position is workers comp focus and goal is to get them to a functional level and return to work. The position requires someone to be good with computers which I am and able to use ipad (yes). They said the hours vary and it's busy and demanding. I would go to 2-3 appointments a day and then work from home to document, or could document right away if I wanted too. All information would need to be documented in 24 hours. I'm a nurse with 7 years experience in the hospital and I'm looking to advance my career somehow because I hate hospital nursing.

Does anyone work in this field and can tell me good/bad things? Thanks!

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It sounds like you have a pretty good idea of the nuts and bolts of the job. If you have a decent clinical background, an ability to work independently as a self-starter, have a bit of the Sherlock Holmes in you :), and a willingness to learn more, you should be fine at it. Do join the CMSA and start networking c other work comp nurses; we're a fun bunch and always willing to share tips, resources, and dirt. :)

"Anybody know about Dr. Needles? My patient's been seeing him every week for a year and he's not any better."

"OMG, that guy... that patient never will get any better. Injections every week, but no improvement. Get him in to see Dr. Physiatry and get a real treatment program."

"I've got a guy with a really bad shoulder. Who's the best shoulder doc in town?"

"Dr. Shoulder at the Shoulder Clinic at ABC General. They keep appointments open for new people so they don't have to wait more than a week to get an initial eval. Say hi to him for me."

"This employer is driving me nuts. Any ideas about how I can get light duty for this guy?"

"Bypass the manager and go to Joe Dispatch in the central office. He'll get it done. The manager is a tough guy who hates light duty and doesn't understand that it's a good thing and a deterrent to long out of work claims. Joe'll take care of it."

"I got a letter from the claimant's attorney threatening me. Am I gonna get fired? I just got this job and I was scared to ask because this was really bad but I figured it would come out anyway, so ..."

"Hey, everybody! GrnTea got her first nastygram from Attorney Slimebag! Way to go, GrnTea! Wanna go out for lunch?" (general cheers, whooping, and hollering and claps on the back from all in the office)

(true story from my first month on the job)

how was it with the interview?

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