Work Safety for CRNA'a


Hello. I was recently researching the leading causes of death in the United States and found respiratory issues as one of the top five. This made me wonder what CRNA's are exposed to in their work environment. Do CRNA's inhale or work with known carcinogens? Are you exposed to any other dangers such as radiation? Do you feel safe in your work environment or do you worry you may develop health complications from the substances you are exposed to? I ask because I am a nursing student who is considering a career as a CRNA and my health is very important to me. Thank you.


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I am a first year student and dont know it all yet (by far) but with many places in the hospital there may be radiation used during cases, in which case you would use the appropriate lead shields (unless pregnant or some other reason- you would leave the room if there was another anesthetist who could relieve you). I believe most gases are contained within machines and discarded appropriately- there are inherent risks which is why you spend alot of time learning how to properly operate machines and deal with various gases, hazardous materials. If there were always dangerous substances just floating around in the OR, you wouldnt have enough healthy surgeons, anesthesia, OR nurses, staff etc to actually do any procedures- jmho

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