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Hello All,

I am a STNA and a pre-nursing student. I work in a Nursing home. Yesterday at work, I sustained a back injury while transferring a patient from her wheelchair to her recliner. When I went to lower her into the recliner I felt something give in my back. So of course I told the RN Supervisor what had happened and spent probably 30 minutes filling out paperwork.

I went to the emergency room like a good little girl and got myself checked out. Turns out I have an aggravated sprain in my lower back or something like that. I'm not allowed to work until after I go to Work Health Care and probably go through physical therapy from the way the MD was talking yesterday.

Just ONE problem. I have a job interview for a new job Tuesday. How will this injury and having to file for workman's comp affect me getting hired to this new job that I REALLY would like to get. It is as a hospital aide vs. nursing home aide. Please give me any info you may have. Thanks...


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Good luck. I hope your back heals quickly! Oh and don't forget to build up those abs, it helps to avoid strain on our backs.


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The fact that you sought medical attention means that your injury is now documented in your medical records. My understanding is that medical records are to be held in the strictest of confidentiality and as such, your current employer cannot divulge this information to anyone outside of your health care team and worker's comp. Also, your injury cannot be held against you. In fact your injury is probably a result of poor staffing. I recently injured my shoulder and spine due to poor staffing and am seeking employment elsewere, and the concern that you have did indeed cross my mind too! I think I have my facts straight but if someone else has a different spin on this type of situation, we would greatly benefit from their response. In the meantime remember that there will be many opportunities to work in your lifetime but you only have one back. So my dear, take care of yourself and expect the respect that you deserve. Good luck and take care:)


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Nurse_Bonita, I agree with everything Huganurse said, but if an employer supplies a hoist, and you choose not to use it, then you have probably broken their policy, and and also placed any liability on yourself if you are injured. Their argument would be that they provided equipment to do the task safely, and you ignored it, causing your own injury!


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Hey Everyone,

Thank you so much for replying. At the Nursing home I am currently employed at, we have a a color coded system as to whether someone is independent, one-assist, two-assist, or a hoyer lift. The woman that I hurt myself lifting is a one-assist. Usually, she helps out and stands up, but the other day she just wouldn't stand and when I went to move her she pretty much was dead weight.

I go to work health care tomorrow to find out what I am supposed to be doing and I am going to invest in a back brace today after I go to class. And as soon as my back feels better I am going to take your advice, Huganurse, and start doing sit ups. I can't afford to mess my back up permanently.


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Hey Everyone,

Went to occupational health yesterday. I swear getting x-rays done made my back hurt worse that it already did! I have to go through at least 4 weeks of PT and I'll be off work at least 2. ARGH!!! :(

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