Work with purpose.

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Although I have been a nurae for 30 years and also suffer from Ulcerative colitis, Fibro myalgia, diabetes and CPTSD I have never asked for any special accomodations. 

In my first year I wanted to throw in the towel so many times and at one point I even attempted suicide but survived. My despondancy had reached an all time high. I am a pretty good dog groomer so I could have gone back to that  for a significant decrease in income. A thraoist turned me on to a daily inspiration site and I went there and found this, While author of this writes in an intensively spiritual way he does not come at you with any specific religion:  It's a long post so bare with me and give it a read. I actually have this one taped to my bathroom mirror to keep me focused.........

If your work seems too difficult or tedious, make it more meaningful. Connect what you do with who you are, and it won’t seem like work at all.

There’s a reason why you’re doing the work you do. Remind yourself of that reason, and of the benefits your work creates for yourself and for others.

Deep down inside, you long to make a difference. The work you do, the efforts you undertake, give you the opportunity to fulfill that longing.

If there were no benefit to what you’re doing, you wouldn’t be doing it. Remind yourself of why, refresh your sense of purpose, and you’ll make yourself thankful for the opportunity to do whatever you must do.

Imagine how awful it would be if you had no way to matter, no way to make a difference, and no way to positively influence life. The work you do, whether it is your formal job or your chores or any other useful effort, enables you to have the influence you seek.

Instead of worrying about how difficult or monotonous or unpleasant your work might feel, focus on why it matters. Feel the opportunity to make a difference, and delight in being able to do so.

— Ralph Marston




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That’s a good one. It actually motivates me to do more, to consider going even further than what am I doing as a nurse.