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Work under IPN contract

by daliafriar daliafriar (New) New Nurse

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I would love some advice on job hunting once you are on an IPN contract. Did it take long to find a job? What type of nursing jobs did you have success in getting interviews with? Where did you end up working? Did you tell them during the interview that you had an IPN contract or after you were offered the job? Any advice is much appreciated!

catsmeow1972, BSN, RN

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I did not mention the contract until the end on the interview at the point when I was asked if I had any questions. This was where I would say “well, no questions, but there is this matter of.....” The way I see it, an interview is as much for me to assess them as the other way around. I have actually sat in interviews where I never even mentioned the contract because I was so unimpressed with the place that I would not have accepted an offer under any circumstances. When you can see safety concerns from a mile away and you are already hanging onto your license for dear life because you have to deal with the crooks that are IPN, there are times when you’d rather work at Taco Bell than step into some nursing situations that are out there.
Once I had ‘taken the temperature’ of the situation and felt like I was still interested, I would bring up the issue. Invariably the response was something to the effect of ‘thank you for your honesty’ and a brief discussion as to wether or not it would be an issue. In my time, I had one interview where the nurse manager’s face just fell and she explained to me why it would be an issue and it was completely understandable. Another, the department wanted me but IPN dynamited it for me (jerks). That one necessitated me having to lawyer up. My final job offer while under contract, I sternly warned IPN that there was not to be a repeat of their previous antics. There was not. By that point, I had ceased being afraid of them and learned to stand up for myself.

If you wait until after you are offered the job, you may find offers getting rescinded (I had that happen too, at the very beginning), especially if you have restrictions that affect scheduling or tasks involved in the position (floating, key restriction, etc.)

I tended to not divulge it on the application or cover letter unless the question was specifically asked (Are you involved in a monitoring program? for example). The HR people that pull applications are not always nurses and don’t always know what these things are.


Specializes in Med/surg & Ortho/neuro. Has 9 years experience.

Thanks for all of that info, I really appreciate it!! How long did it take you to get your first job after signing the contract? And what type of job was it? I would really like to get back into the hospital so I can work three 12's and have time off during the week but I am not sure who will hire me with a key restriction. I feel like that is the greatest problem. I have a key restriction so no one wants to hire me but I need to work in a place with narcotics for 12 months in order to work the key restriction off!! They make things so difficult!!

What places do you recommend I apply for?

catsmeow1972, BSN, RN

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I am a career OR nurse so it was a bit tough for me. My first job was a shithole tiny little place that I took out of desperation (I had to move for it too, ugh!). That was about 5 months into the contract and it lasted a miserable 16 months before they fired me or I quit depending on whose story you believe. (I say I quit) Anyway that netted me another ‘evaluation’ because apparently dissatisfaction with your job is a sin in the eyes of IPN because I guess I wasn’t grateful enough for them. Sorry, that noise was my eyes rolling.....

The next job was the one that I had the interview, the offer, had found a house (was going to have to move again) had a start date and so on and when the case manager had the requisite chat with the manager, proceeded to lie about what restrictions I was under. She claimed I was not allowed to take call which was absolutely not true. Also claimed some BS interpretation about the direct supervision stipulation. I got the lawyer on that one. The facility was kind enough to hook me up with a position on a med/surg floor. I tried it, I really did and the manager there tried with me. Spent lots of time working with me. I’m. Just. Not. A. Floor. Nurse. I lasted 8 months and bailed. I stayed out of nursing for a year and a half and delivered groceries for a living. I figured I’d just wait out the contract. I’d done everything they wanted, including the required 12 months in practice, I just needed to count the days. The case manager had the cojones to ask me how I was paying my bills if I wasn’t working. I told her I was independently wealthy. I don’t believe it’s any of their business what one does outside of healthcare. If I wanted to swing on a pole and strip to earn the money to pay for this extortion, that’s my business.

About 6 months before the end, I decided I really wanted to go back to being a nurse. Knowing I was going to have to move again (there was nothing local for me) I put out feelers and applications. Found the job I have now. They think very little of IPN, preferring to consider the individual candidate and make their own judgement. I’ve been here over a year now and I’ve been promoted to charge. IPN has all but faded in to the background.
When you do find a job, you may have to push whoever your case manager is to do their part. They tend to not be proactive. Those people really don’t give two craps wether you actually work or not, just so you keep puking up the money. Advocate for yourself because they sure as hell won’t.

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