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Work a corporat 9-5 or a nanny?



I need some advice, I have considered quitting my 9-5 to work as a full-time nanny. In my area all of the full-time nanny positions salary range from (31,000-37,000). Yes, I would take a pay cut but, it would be alot less stress. The transition from school to work would be alot easier. My morning would be free for studying, which is the best for me to study. My boyfriend thinks being a nanny is degrading and my family thinks, that's isn't a wise idea. Alot of my friends and family don't understand the demands of being a student at this level.

It sounds like you already know what you want to do. Ultimately, it is you that has to go to work everyday, so it had better be doing something that you can tolerate and maybe even enjoy. I'm assuming that you are a nursing student, so it should also be a position that is flexible and accommodating to your schedule. It is easy for your boyfriend and parents to sit back and tell you what they think is best, but they aren't the ones that have to live with the decision.

Also, I don't think being a nanny is degrading at all.

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Have you looked into what being a nanny entails? Unless the children are school aged and in school, I cannot imagine a full time nannying position leaving time to study. Most little children will not quietly entertain themselves when you are ready to study.

You will need to ask many questions about exactly what is expected of you. Many employers want a certain amount of housekeeping done. Ask about evening requirements.

Nannying has a certain freedom compared to a corporate job, but it can be a lonely job if you are used to a good rapport with coworkers.

RNperdiem, you brought a very good point. I don't know what the position entails, however I worked at a day care centers in the past. I know alot of parents like story time, play time and they like for their child to be active and not annoyed all day.

My corporate job is alot of hustle and bustle. I am working with a lot of stressed and difficult people. I often leave work tensed and annoyed. I am not expecting this nanny position to be paid study time. I am hoping it will be less stressful and I just don't want leave the my job physically and mentally drained. It wouldn't work well with the Biology courses I am taking. I am a pre-nursing student, I am just taking my pre-reqs.


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I think the nanny spot would be a great idea.

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I hope you find just the right family to work with. Best of luck with school. Try post a thread about ideal student jobs. I had a sister who worked nights at a youth psych facility as a patient tech. It paid all the bills, and left her plenty of time to study when nights were quiet.

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