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I just got back from meeting with the advising office at the college I am planning to attend. I am totally surprised. They said they might transfer my nursing classes that I took at a previous ADN program out of state. These classes are 7 years old so I didn't think they would transfer. That would save me 1 semester of nursing school. Wish me luck! I need to get a syllabus from my old school and set up a meeting to review them. Also I will need some help on brushing up. I have worked as a medical assistant and a phlebotomist so I am not totally out of practice, but I have forgotten a lot of things. Any ideas on what to do to refresh these classes?



Am I understanding you correctly? The person at the school you attended PREVIOUSLY doesn't want you to transfer credits to your new school? Right? This is not her decision. Write a letter to the registrar of your old school, tell them you want your transcripts sent to your new school, include the address of your new school and a five-dollar money order. The salient point is that your new school is willing to accept the credits. Don't let her get away with that ****. Some of the credits that transferred for me were 30 years old. Some things don't change. Congrats, by the way!

If you're old school has a website, see if the admissions office has an online transcript request form you could copy and fax. This would save you from talking to someone who obviously is not pro-education at all. Regardless of the D, it is your new nursing programs decision on whether or not they will accept the credits. I say call back and just speak to someone in admissions. They HAVE to release your transcripts. I know when I began my transfer process I also had to have a copy of the class descriptions out of the catalog for the year I attended. If you need that, the admissions office should also be able to provide that for you. Whoever you spoke to obviously does not know what they are talking about. Don't let that one person discourage you from transferring those credits, thus bumping you up a semester in the program. Anyway, good luck and just perservere!

Dee :)

So much for that idea! I called the nursing program that I previously attended. The lady in charge of their nursing program made every effort possible to make me feel like a complete and total idiot. She lectured me about how stupid I was to even try and transfer these credits and then went on to point out that I made a D in one of my classes. I had a 3.92 GPA going into this program. She didn't bother to look at that. She also had no way of knowing that I was going through extreme marital difficulties which subsequently ended in a divorce and that is why my grades dropped. She also didn't take into account that I was 19 years old at the time and just not as mature a student. Needless, to say after that I told her that to forget it. I didn't want the credits transferred and that this is exactly why I am not attending their nursing program. I would not have even requested to have them transfered if it wasn't because the nursing director at the college I plan on attending didn't encourage me to do so. Either way I am pleased that I will only have 4 classes total to take outside of my nursing classes. Thanks for listening to all of this.

Teresa :(

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