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Well, here's the situation, I just got done with school I have my CNA, HHA, PCT, phlebotomist, and ecg/ekg tech certificates. I just got a job with the medical team in a nursing home, (something I really dont want to do.) but I need the experiance. I really want to work at a hospital as a PCT but they all want experiance. So if i work there for about a year is that enough experiance to get in a hospital? Also do you make more money as a PCT? I will be making 11 an hr at the nursing home and this is in Mi. any advice please


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Hi - congrats on the new job. After graduating with a CNA several years ago I was offered a job in a hospital in Illinois (Chicago area) making $13 an hour. I had many years of experience in Customer Service though before I got my CNA in preparation for nursing so I believe that counted for a bit more money per hour. I should think that after a year of working in the nursing home you should be able to use that as experience when you apply at a hospital. Good luck.


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If you lack expereince, try to get a letter of reference from an RN co-worker or two.

Make sure it details your competencies similar to the skills checklist you did in your clinicals.

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